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Yamato Shoji Wagyu has been used by Magosaburo

1st December 2017

Yamato Shoji’s Kagoshima Wagyu has been qualified and used by famous Japanese resturant “Magosaburou (燒肉孫三郎)” located in ION Orchard.

Magosaburou 燒肉孫三郎 (シンガポール), one of the best Japanese restaurants in Singapore, is a beautifully decorated modern Japanese restaurant hidden away in Ion Orchard. Walking through its discreet entrance into a long narrow passageway bathed in indigo light is like stepping into a secret world – quite unlike the brightly lit glitzy corridors of Ion Orchard. Walk up a few flights of stairs and you will enter a world where beef is king. Originating from Japan Kumamoto prefecture, Magosaburou is a yakiniku restaurant and its specialty is quality grilled Wagyu beef served with special dipping sauce.



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