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Carefully Selected Wagyu Beef Lineup

Kagoshima Black cattle are blessed with the sun and natural surroundings of a warm tropical island. Japanese Black cattle comprise about 90% of the Wagyu cattle breeds. And the Black cattle from Kagoshima Prefecture are the most numerous in Japan, and are marketed under the brand name “Kagoshima (Black) Beef”.

The principal characteristics of the meat are its tenderness and full-bodied flavour, together with well-balanced fat marbling throughout the muscle fibres.

Kagoshima Kurobuta Pork ~ A Deliciousness ought to be Savoured by Everyone in the World

Various Cutting to Make Your Dishes So Different

Wagyu beef steak

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Wagyu beef barbecue

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Wagyu beef shabu-shabu

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Pork shabu-shabu

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We directly import premium meat from Japan farm and provide value-added service to our B2B customers in Singapore, like Supermarket, Meat Shop, Restaurants, Hotels etc.