About us

We deliver best cuts of premium quality of Wagyu Beef & Pork to your home, restaurant, supermarket.


Specially Selected Wagyu Beef and Kurobuta come from the famous farms located in Kagoshima & Miyazaki. These cattles and porks are raised lovingly by feeding specialists in the well managed environment. The outstanding production technologies and the pride of the master in pursuit of perfect meat gives way to a superior quality found nowhere else in the world.

Meat Yamato Inc. is celebrating its 70th anniversary this year. We are based in Nagoya and specialized in meat processing and sales in Japan. We have established a long-term customer trust and only offer high quality product of Wagyu and Pork.

For more information, please kindly refer to: www.yamato29.jp

Vision & Mission

We aim to be a company that is more trusted by customers with excellent employees and safety & security.

Exceprional Quality

We at Meat Yamato Inc. are dedicated to a never ending commitment for excellence in the quality of our products and services for the satisfaction of our customers.

A Wide Range of Products

We can provide most of the meat products that are certified to export to Singapore.

Customized Services

We support all kinds of customised processing requirements that makes customer’s cooking easily.

Overseas Sales & Maketing

Ahead of other Japanese meat suppliers, Yamato set up the first overseas branch in Hong Kong in Y2011 and become top market player in local now. Yamato Shoji Singapore is the 2nd overseas branch.

Safety Policy

Safety is an essential part of our policy. The provision of safe working conditions is of the utmost importance to Yamato.

Frequently asked question (FAQ)

If your question is not answered here, please feel free to drop us line at sales@yamato29.jp

Can I specify the place of origin?

Basically it is acceptable. Please be noted that we may not be able to meet your requirement depending on the AVA license, our inventory, as well as logistic situation.

I would like to make order for personal use, is it possible?

Currently, as a direct meat supplier from Japan, we mainly focus on B2B business. But we do organize few times of marketing events every year for our VIP customers who register with us on line. Kindly refer to “What’s New” here.

How do I contact with you for business discussion?

Please kindly give us us a call via the tel numbers provided here or just drop a line to sales@yamato29.jp.

Please tell me how to store and cook your Japanese beef.

After you receive the meat – keep it in the Chiller Section of your Fridge if you are going to consume it within the next 3 days. If not, immediately put it in the Freezer Section for storage and consume anytime within 2 months for best results. For the Cooking Tips, please just access to “Cooking Tips” section and click the videos you like to know.

Can you do the customised cutting for your customers?

Yes, we can. If we received the enough volume orders, we are able to proceed the meat upon your required cutting spec by our professional staffs in Japan plant. For details, please kindly approach to our staff in Singapore.

Concerning about the radioactive contamination, is it safe to eat the meat you imported?

It’s surely very safe. All the meat product exported from Japan is subjected to the strict radioactive contamination inspection. Same to other food products, the relevant international regulation guidelines and laws are applied for cross-national food transaction. Only those that meet safety standards are allowed to ship out from Japan.


We directly import premium meat from Japan farm and provide value-added service to our B2B customers in Singapore, like Supermarket, Meat Shop, Restaurants, Hotels etc.